The Hit

The process is simple.

A hit request is made via the email address provided or a private message on the forum. A minimum amount of 50g per hit is required from the client, and the client will then meet an agent for payment.

The client can make any request that should be fulfilled upon targets death e.g. (Message, Pose, or even Tea Bagging, use your imagination basically).

A screen shot showing proof of elimination is required upon completion of the hit.

Anyone can take up the bounty, first come first serve.

When the screen shot has been received from the bounty hunter by any means they see fit, it will then be uploaded here as evidence to the client. This is for his/her viewing pleasure and to see the money was well spent.

We will then send the bounty prize to the Hitman/Assassin taking 5% cut for ourselves. This isn't for our personal gain it will later fund other events, such as tournament prizes and amongst other things.

UPDATED: As in regards to bonuses given by the clients I will have to inform all bounty hunters that bonuses are given by the client personally as a tip. Because of this we are not accountable if the client doesn't pay you the bonus if you complete the bonus task given. But we will say if the client doesn't pay up on the bonus task if proof is given. They instantly lose all rights to being Anon..

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Third Bounty - 8 Kills remaining.

Target: Jaiden
Mehod: 50g per elimination up to 10 times, screen shot must be provided for every elimination. Clock must be visible in the screen shot!
Bounty: 500G in total!
Bonus: A 150g bonus can be won if a single person gets all 10 kills!

Monday, 11 June 2012

The Second Bounty - FAILED

Target: Darkx
Mehod: Killed by an Elin or a group of Elins only. He hates them, thats why he has to be killed by them.
Bounty: 200G

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The First Bounty - Completed

Target: Kittycat
Method: Standard screen shot required upon death of target, eliminate by any means. 
Bounty: 150g
Bonus: 50g extra if resurrection scroll is used on target, and then killed again (screen shot of resurrection also required).

Job Completed by: